We realize the needs of every client are different. So, our methods are simple and hand crafted to the goals you wish to achieve. At the end of the day, you should be tickled pink… that’s our goal.


We have a unique way of creating media. From masters of design to code crunching, our various talents work together to make your project come to life.



The process starts with your ideas. From the initial proposal through project completion, everything we do is centered on your needs and the results you want. Even if you are unsure of what you want and how to get it, we’re here to help. Together, with your ideas and our creativity and knowledge, we turn your vision into reality.


The project results are important to us. We LOVE what we do, and we strive to prove that in our work. We’ve had experience and are confident once your project is complete, it will inspire many.




Owner, Graphic Designer, and Interior Formatter

Diva of design, award-winning web and graphic designer, Rene Folsom, has the ability to transform information into art. It isn’t enough to just capture the attention of the reader with great graphics, really good web design has to incorporate ease of navigation with pertinent information the reader can grasp at a glance. Rene has a knack for blending function with good form and has been wowing her clients and their viewers for the last eight years through her company, Phycel Designs.

Being the mother of three and wife of one, Rene has had to juggle career, kids, family, grocery shopping and stain removal. This has given her virtual super human powers such as knowing the wants of others without them being able to really verbalize them – is she telepathic, hmmm… not exactly, but this has given her a big advantage in working with a variety of clients, from rock bands to hair stylists, taking their very different visions and bringing them all to the little screen, providing personalized service. How does she do this? That’s a secret, but her artsy background has helped. Obtaining her degree from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL, Rene studied everything from fine arts to sculpture and vocals, but found her true artistic inspiration when she took off to Italy after graduation, but that’s another story for another day.



Graphic Designer

Where would we be without this Goddess of Graphics? Nikki Griffin is at the helm of custom identity and print art direction. Showing an avid interest in art at an early age, she took every available art class offered at her high school. When Nikki finally discovered the Macintosh computer and paired it with Photoshop, she found her calling. To gain additional expertise she attended Daytona College’s Graphic Design Technologies program. Now, with well over 10 years of experience under her belt as a professional graphic designer, she has had a diverse career working with many advertising firms, printing companies, and publications along the way.

Otherwise, outside the rigors of the working world, Nikki’s life is a “controlled” three-ring circus as she manages kids, husband, family and lots of freelance work. Nikki is not only talented – she’s just plain fun to work with.

This dynamic duo found that by combining their talents they have been able to carve out a niche presenting their clients with organized content, intuitive navigation, and visual appeal with clean, professional designs for anyone. Their reputation among their clients is impeccable. They know how to stay within budget and still offer sites that are personalized. There is no “cookie cutter” or “template-looking” pages. Their amazing working relationship combined with delivering the goods have their loyal clients consistently coming to them with new projects to tackle – Their response, “Bring it!”